Oyster Happy Hour

Down by the (Miami) River resides a cozy yet sophisticated bar that has the best selection of raw seafood I’ve ever had. Their specialty oysters range from California to Massachusetts, and are full-bodied, creamy, sea gems that left me wanting more and more. Luckily, you can enjoy them at $1.50 a piece during happy hour at The River Seafood Oyster Bar. Of course I had to order a dozen for myself! If raw oysters aren’t your thing, you can enjoy a variety of “bar snacks” that aren’t what you expect from a seafood restaurant, but will definitely lure you in.

-format=1000w (9).jpg
Duck Tacos

The duck tacos were my favorite bar snack. It did seem a little out of place, but the extremely succulent and tender duck was incredible. Topped with pickled radishes, cotija cheese, and cilantro, these simple ingredients complimented the juicy poultry perfectly.

-format=1000w (10).jpg
Fried Oyster Buns

So, Bar Snacks are small portions, which if you can’t decide which to try, just try them all!  We continued with the fried oyster buns. It was a new take on the typical pork bun which included pickled veggies, spicy mayo, in a fluffy bread like bun but, with a piece of fried oyster instead. This definitely had a kick to it, and added great flavored to the crispy oyster.

-format=1500w (9).jpg
Grilled Octopus

For the main dish I chose the Octopus. It had a very unique flavor that was smokey, as if they threw it right on a BBQ. The potato salad was refreshing and reminisced of a summer cookout.

Don’t let the river part fool you! The River Oyster and Seafood Bar has a vast seafood menu with a modern take on dishes that include local and organic ingredients. I’d say it’s definitely a great catch!

Tastefully yours,



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