Not so Innocent Grilled Cheese

Before I begin, I have to disclose that this post is based on multiple visits. Although I do love cheese, Ms.Cheezious has some serious “queso”. You may recognize them as the popular food truck on the streets of Miami. The mobile grilled cheese sandwhich can now be found on Biscayne Blvd. in the MiMo District, as well as Ponce De Leon, Coral Gables.

-format=1500w (3).jpg
Subtle rustic decor

The quaint brick and mortar can be spotted by their neon sign featuring a pin-up doll a.k.a. Ms.Cheezious. Rustic wood is adorned with vintage knick-knacks that makes you feel right at home; a place where most of you have probably enjoyed a grilled cheese growing up.

-format=1500w (6).jpg
Ms.Cheezious Biscayne Blvd.

From the Cheesy Crab to the Short Rib Meat Melt, Ms.Cheezious changes the game of your typical sandwich. The best part? You can even create your own with their specialty ingredients! This was something I decided to try when they broke the news they were out of the Crabby Melt (sigh, next time).  I chose the Sourdough bread, Gruyere, Prosciutto and Tomato. It wasn’t just cheesy, but loaded with wholesome prosciutto!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Short Rib Meat Melt

If you are craving even more cheese, I would HIGHLY recommend their Mac-n-Cheese. The rotini pasta is made with creamy Gouda where you can also add their homemade pulled pork on top or order it as a sandwich!

-format=1500w (5).jpg
Mac n Cheese w/ House made BBQ Pulled Pork

I truly believe Ms.Cheezious is not a one time experience. I know, how could grilled cheese go from basic to breathtaking? I promise, Ms.Cheezious will definitely make you say “CHEESE!”

Tastefully yours,

Ashley Brodhead


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