Modern Peruvian

In the heart of Downtown Doral, Pisco y Nazca is setting the bar high for Peruvian Cuisine. One of my favorite trips was visiting Machu Picchu in Peru where the sights were unforgettable and surprisingly so was the food. I was very excited to dig in!

Pisco Bar

As you walk in, a gorgeous Pisco bar is bustling with beautiful locals. Be sure to make a reservation since wait times are about 45 minutes.

I wasn’t in a hurry so I enjoyed a “Pisco Sour” which is the typical Peruvian drink. Made with a liquor called Pisco and fresh lime juice, it is topped with a foamy egg white and cinnamon. Very refreshing and one too many can be dangerous ;).

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Ceviche Tradicional

To start, you must try one of their ceviches. I went for the “Tradicional” which is made with Mahi, leche de tigre, corn, and sweet potato. I was transported back to Cuzco in the first bite! It was probably one of the freshest ceviches I have had in Miami.  I would also recommend the sampler that brings other ceviches with a variety of seafood and seasonings. All in all, A+.

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Grilled Pulpo

It is no surprise that if I see Pulpo on a menu, I will have to order it. This particular dish was so good, I’ve ordered it both times I been here. It is a generous piece of octopus, grilled to perfection, accompanied with potato cake and large kernel corn (choclo).  The aji amarillo (yellow sauce) and chimichurri really compliment the dish almost as if it were a juicy piece of skirt steak. I may have to say this is the best pulpo in Miami.

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Lomo Saltado

What I love about Pisco y Nazca is the dishes are large enough for sharing. Lomo Saltado is a traditional Peruvian dish and at this point I was really feeling nostalgic to my trip to Machu Picchu. The Steak (lomo) was very tender and doused in a light beef gravy along with red onions, french fries and tomato. My favorite part is eating the french fries that fall to the bottom of the dish and are drench in the gravy creating a delightful treat.

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Pisco Y Nazca Doral

If you haven’t been to Doral, it is definitely stepping up its restaurant game. Pisco Y Nazca is the perfect example of modern dining intermixed with classic Peruvian cooking. If you don’t have the chance to visit Peru, this definitely comes close.

Tastefully yours,



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