Midtown Chinese

One of my favorite categories of food has to be dumplings. More specifically, the 5 for $1 fried pork and chive dumplings I would indulge on Canal St. as a poor college student in Chinatown, NYC. Just a few days ago, I was chatting with a close friend about his experience at a Michelin star Szechuan Chinese restaurant in New York. As he began to describe the steamed pork dumplings coated in rich chili oil, I began to reminisce…and drool.

I embarked on my quest (Yelping) to find an authentic Dim Sum place in Miami. So here I present “Black Brick” aka Midtown Chinese.

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Midtown Chinese

The restaurant, located in Midtown Miami Shops, has a modern feel with an urban twist. Lunch is a great time to go to avoid a wait and enjoy the assortment of speciality dumplings. Most dishes are family style (meant for sharing) so bring your friends and big appetite.

We dove right in with the fried Hong Kong shrimp and pork wontons, drizzled lightly with sweet and sour sauce and toasted sesame seeds. This is a MUST have. It is jam packed with flavor as the pork and shrimp create a lovely pairing in this heavenly fried morsel.

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When everything looks just too good, its safe to order the Black Brick Platter (made for 2-3 people). Adorned with meaty hoisin BBQ Chinese ribs, Ginger friend chicken, Cumin and parsley lamb chops, and another favorite: Vegetable and Shrimp spring rolls with a pumpkin sweet and sour sauce (literally to die for).  

-format=1500w (1)

The most interesting thing I ordered was more traditional Szechuan and what I was most excited for. I must warn you, it carries a lot of heat, but if you like spicy food, this one is for you. The steamed shrimp dumplings doused in traditional Szechuan chili oil topped with numbing and hot peanuts (amazing texture). Explosive flavor but very worth it.

-format=1000w (2).jpg

Last but surely not least, the giant bowl of rock shrimp friend rice topped with cilantro aioli that will have you addicted! I never thought to add a cream sauce to rice, but it works.

So if you don’t have plans to visit China or Chinatown NYC, do yourself a favor and fulfill your dumpling dreams at Black Brick. I assure you it will have you coming back for more!

Tastefully yours,

Ashley Brodhead


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