Hidden Japanese Gem

In a nondescript shopping mall in North Bay Village, Miami, lies a tiny market that is marked by an “Open” sign. Only by word of mouth did I find  some of the freshest authentic Sushi in South Florida. The hole in the wall is also a restaurant that is only open from 12 pm – 4 pm and seats about 18 people. I can tell you my first attempt had me waiting over 2 hours to get a seat. Thus, on a day like Black Friday where everyone is either at the mall or eating left overs, we snagged a spot at The Japanese Market.

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Japanese Market

As you walk in, there is a small sushi bar, a few tables, and grocery like aisles filled with japanese products. From Ramen to Hi Chew candy (my favorite), you are encouraged to browse and grab a beer from the back fridge while you wait. Just before you sit, you are asked to order. By the look of the prices, I was impressed. This is a quarter of what you would normally spend at any other restaurant in Miami. *Disclaimer* You must order everything you would like BEFORE you sit. Once you are seated, you cannot order any additional dishes. This is not to contribute long wait times.

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As shown at the top of my post, the Sushi and Sashimi combo is a great option. For only $15 you get about 9 pieces of sashimi (fish only) and 6 pieces of nigiri (fish over rice) along with a tuna roll. The cuts of fish were so fresh, but I must say are a little smaller than expected.

-format=1000w (14)
Spider Roll (fried soft shell crab) and Uni nigiri (Sea urchin)

Along with the combo, we ordered the Spider roll which consisted of fried Soft Shell crab that was absolutely delectable. It is a great option if you are not a fan of the raw fish. I myself had been craving Uni (Sea urchin) which usually goes for $8-12 a piece. Here, the market price was $4 and it was to die for. It had a sweet flavor compared to other Uni’s but was insanely creamy.

I would absolutely recommend The Japenese Market to anyone looking for very authentic sushi. I must warn you, do not show up extremely hungry. If you think you are on the fence about ordering, order it because you wont get another chance to. Last but not least, ENJOY!

Tastefully yours,



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