A Unique Strawberry

Right in the heart of Hialeah, lies a gem hidden in a tiny shopping center. Once inside, the space is buzzing with eager eaters sipping on champagne and the aroma of truffle wafts through the air.  I was ecstatic to finally try La Fresa Francesa. It translates to: The French Strawberry. A suitable yet charming name for the location. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some real french bread, which is made by Zak the Baker (Wynwood) and bubbly cocktails in my system. After all, it was Brunch time.

I decided to start with the special of the day: Egg Cocotte. It is not on the menu, but if it is available you cannot pass this up. This dish is 2 eggs softly baked in a “cocotte” (a small fireproof dish)topped with mouth watering truffle oil and of course Gruyere. It is served with sliced toasted baguette which makes a lovely appetizer to share, but it may be too good that you won’t want to.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Escargots  Photo credit: Cristina Lavesini

Esgartos, a traditional french appetizer you must try at least once. Getting passed the idea of eating snails, they are superbly cooked with garlic, parsley, and tons of butter.


-format=1000w (7).jpg
Arugula Chicken Salad

How french can you get when ordering the Arugula Napoleon?  Although salads are not physically imposing, this one, like Napoleon, was remarkably dominant in flavor. Dressed with chili oil, pine nuts, and shaved gruyere, it was just revolutionary!

-format=1000w (6)
French Market Next Door

La Fresa Francesa is tried and true french cuisine. Don’t let the location fool you! I felt like I was back in Paris, enjoying the buttery exquisite fare, yet surrounded by authentic Miami culture, giving it the cool factor.

When dinner time comes, I am preparing my palate for the roasted Bone Marrow and Duck Confit. The restaurant only seats about 20 people, so if there is a wait, you can shop at their petit market next door! Filled with my 3 favorite things: Wine, Cheese, and Foie Gras.

Bon Apetít!

Tastefully yours,

Ashley Brodhead


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